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How to buy car insurance for just a week, or several weeks

If you want to insure a car for 1 single week, two weeks, three weeks or a month then that should not be a problem for the majority of UK drivers over the age of 18. The weekly car insurance policy comes at attractive rates with comprehensive cover and it is very flexible; decide how long you want your short term car insurance policy to last for (the maximum is four weeks), and you can insure most modern cars online within just a few minutes whether you own the car to be insured or not. Because of this flexibility you can provide weekly cover for a car you are borrowing from someone, or one that you have lent to a friend, secure in the knowledge that you have not only complied with our UK car insurance laws (with draconian penalties for those who are caught breaking them) but you also have cover towards any damage the insured vehicle may suffer in the unfortunate event of an accident, without this affecting the no-claims bonuses on any existing insurance policies. Need to extend your weekly insurance? Although four weeks is the maximum period for any one policy you can take out another one after two weeks have elapsed after the expiry of the previous policy.

A couple of companies have specialized in providing this specific policy, moving in to meet the needs of people who may need to use the car on short term basis. For such drivers, purchasing a long term insurance policy makes no economic sense. Driving an uninsured car is out of the question too as no one wants to risk a run in with the law. For this group of car users, short term car insurance is a ready answer.

Apart from insuring borrowed or lent cars, as the cost of car insurance takes a sharp annual increase you may want to consider this type of temporary insurance policy if you do not use your regular car consistently. If you only need to drive a car on the odd occasion, single week car insurance can be a cheaper option for you. Plan your weeks so that you get to do all the activities that require you to move about in 1 week. Then you can buy the policy for that week only, and relax until more errands need to be attended to.

temporary insurance is also perfect if you have a teenage son or daughter who just arrive to stay from time to time. You may not want them to drive the car using your own policy because they might get into an accident and invalidate your No Claims Discount. Get them a single week's worth of car insurance and you will have peace of mind whenever they have the car.

Perhaps you are expecting visitors who will be using your car during their stay. As they will be driving on new terrain under different road regulations, you cannot quite be sure that they won't run into any trouble that would compromise your car’s insurance. Buy temporary coverage so that they won’t have to rely on their existing car insurance policy which may or may not cover them to drive another vehicle that doesn't belong to them, but which will almost certainly only cover it for third party only risks; which would mean that any damage to your car, in an accident at which they were judged to be at fault, would not be paid for. Get them 1 week's fully comprehensive cover instead and enjoy peace of mind.

You may be planning to use a friend’s car for 1 or 2 weeks but on taking a closer look at your car insurance policy, you realize that the policy only covers your car, not any other that you may drive. In this case, you would need a separate insurance policy. Because you will use the car for a short period of time, week car insurance is perfect. Should you need to use the car for more than that, the policy can be taken out for up to 28 days at a time if you wish.